Twitter 17/09/12

Here are some pictures of food that will make you hungry which I took at the #Rakuten Tasty Food Convention, like those you’d typically see on Instagram _(┐「ε:)_♡♡

Even though I was so full I felt hungry when I was hungry from 5pm when I started dancing… Humans are scary…

Twitter 17/09/12

For everyone who didn’t get to watch it today!

The stream has been archived (^ ^)

I think that seeing me gobble up so many things like this is invaluable…  (´ω`)🍴🐼


Twitter 17/09/13

[In response to Kaotan’s tweet where she said they had to put off this episode until she passed her driving test, which she did on the first try.]

Thanks for driving us around today. You drove in a way that I wouldn’t have thought you were a total beginner!  (´ω`)♡

Take me somewhere when you buy a car (^O^)✨

At any rate, I went on a FUN FUN drive🚘

I want to get my license, I want a Prius🙏

Twitter 17/09/13

Here’s the weather during the #FUN FUN Drive☀️

You wouldn’t think these pictures were taken in Aichi prefecture, it’s awesome📷